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Hogan Development Survey (HDS)

The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) is a measure of normal personality and represents ground breaking research on eleven behavioural tendencies that can derail career success.

In their book Why CEOs Fail, Dotlich and Cario use the results of the Hogan Development Survey to document the pervasiveness and negative impact of these tendencies among executives.

CEO, as well as all leaders, are vulnerable to these eleven derailers  deeply ingrained personality traits that affect their leadership style and actions.

They suggest that the key to avoiding the negative consequences associated with these tendencies is self-awareness.

The HDS is the only business-related inventory that measures these dysfunctional tendencies. It can be completed on-line 24-7, using one of over 20 languages, in around 15 minutes. UK and other international norms are available.

The Dark-side of personalityhogan_hds

The Hogan Development Survey) contains eleven scales measuring behavioural tendencies that can be barriers to career success. The scales are interpreted in terms of risk-higher scores indicate greater potential for problems on the job. The following are the eleven scales with a brief description of the tendencies associated with higher scores:

Features & Benefits

  • 168 True/False items
  • 15 -20 minute completion time
  • Concerns characteristics not covered by the Five Factor model
  • Identifies problematic aspects of behaviour that are hard to detect during an interview
  • Test items and reports available in multiple languages
  • Normed on more than 10,000
    working adults worldwide
  • No invasive or intrusive items
  • No adverse impact
  • Primary/Elementary education reading level
  • Instantaneous scoring and reporting output
  • Online administration by protected access


Excitable moody, easily annoyed, hard to please, and emotionally volatile
Sceptical distrustful, cynical, sensitive to criticism, and focused on the negative
Cautious unassertive, resistant to change, risk averse, and slow to make decisions
Reserved aloof, indifferent to the feelings of others, and uncommunicative
Leisurely overtly cooperative, but privately irritable, stubborn, and uncooperative
Bold overly self-confident, arrogant, with inflated feelings of self-worth
Mischievous charming, risk taking, limit testing and seeking excitement
Colourful active, energetic, entertaining, dramatic, and attention seeking
Imaginative creative but thinking and acting in unusual or eccentric ways
Diligent meticulous, precise, conscientious, hard to please, and perfectionistic
Dutiful eager to please and reluctant to act independently or against popular opinion


Reporting Options

  • There is a range of off-the-shelf report that support talent selection as well as talent development and specifically leadership. Examples can be viewed and downloaded below, and reports can also be customised to align to an organisation competency model.

Hogan DEVELOP reports

  • pdf-iconInterpret
    This report provides an explanation of the various scales, provides a graphic representation of the results and interprets potential behaviour that others may observe in the workplace.
    HDS example interpretive report Hogan Assessments Develop Interpretative HDS

Hogan LEAD reports

  • pdf-iconDevelop
    The Leadership Forecast Development Report describes characteristics and tendencies that might lead to career derailment, impede work relationships and hinder productivity.
    HDS example leadership report Hogan Assessments LFS Report HDS
  • pdf-iconCoaching
    The Leadership Forecast Coaching Report is available if a participant completes the MVPI, HPI and HDS instruments. The coaching report summarises key findings across all three instruments and helps draw together leadership insights from all sources in alignment to a job role.

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