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Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI)

The Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI) evaluates a person ability to solve problems and make business-related decisions using textual, graphic, and quantitative data. Many psychologists believe that cognitive ability is the single best predictor of occupational performance and other important outcomes, including health, wealth, and life satisfaction.

The HBRI is the first measure of reasoning ability based on a theory of intelligence and designed exclusively to predict real-world performance.

It is based on evolutionary psychology whereby intelligence is a function of meta representational competence the ability to reflect on one past actions, determine where the problems have occurred, and then devise methods to avoid repeating those problems in the future.

Individual differences in this cognitive capacity enhance performance in every significant domain of human action.

The Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory is a significant advance in the measurement of cognitive ability for business managers and raises the industry standard.

The Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory evaluates Strategic and Tactical reasoning using three categories of business data:



  1. Verbal: information based on conversations, e-mails, and written reports.hogan_hbri
  2. Quantitative: information that comes from tables, data in financial reports and statistical analysis.
  3. Graphic: information that comes from charts, graphs and figures.

Features & Benefits

  • 24 items representing verbal, qualitative, and graphic material
  • 25- to 30-minute completion time
  • Items carefully developed to minimise reading requirements and adverse impact
  • Based on evolutionary psychology
  • Designed to predict occupational success
    Useful for candidate screening and career/leadership development
  • Developed exclusively on working adults
  • Norms based on managerial samples
  • Validated against business success criteria
  • online administration by protected access
  • Instantaneous scoring and reporting output

Interpretation Reports

  • pdf-iconThe report is organised in three sections:
    Section I presents a graph of the participants HBRI scores and defines them.
    Section II interprets the business relevance of the HBRI scores as presented in the graph.
    Section III describes the way the scores for Tactical and Strategic Reasoning interact..

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